Work Christmas party season is here. It’s important to make sure that your expectations are clear – Most importantly, remind employees that your Code of Conduct and other related policies apply at out of hours functions. Employers should plan ahead, take precautions and be prepared for anything. Our message is not about taking the fun out of Christmas. Here are 7 tips to avoid Christmas party disaster: Have a good time. A Christmas party is often a reward for the work of the past year and good employers use a Christmas party to build team morale. Remind staff that the Code of Conduct applies atRead More →

So, your business is growing and you need to employ your first employee. You acknowledge that you can’t keep doing everything yourself. What do you need to consider? The cost of employing someone Wages, superannuation, workers’ compensation insurance, annual leave, long service leave, leave loading, sick leave, induction, training, uniform/protective clothing, tools, plant and equipment, computer, workstation. Decide on the person’s employment status Do you need a full-time, part-time or casual employee? Is it for a fixed term or is the employment ongoing? Or maybe you need a contractor. What qualifications or experience does the person need? Do you need someone with experience or willRead More →

Sadly, the topic of harassment in the workplace is not new. In fact it’s a topic that continues to rear its ugly head. So why is sexual harassment in the workplace still such a topic of relevance?   Even with a decrease in the number of women being sexually harassed in the workplace from 40% in 2003 to 25% in the last five years it is evident that improvement in these numbers is crucial. It is certainly not only woman that are sexually harassed in the workplace, but statistics in relation to men being sexually harassed are harder to find. And it’s definitely not onlyRead More →

Making sure that you are paying your employees correctly is important. You could be fined for underpaying your employees. Equally important is ensuring that you are providing the correct entitlements in relation to leave, penalty rates and hours of work. Here are some tips to help you meet your obligations: Ensure you regularly check pay rates – Award rates usually increase on or around 1 July each year. Know the Award that covers each individual employee in your organisation. Sometimes, more than one Award will apply. You shouldn’t assume that all of your employees are covered by the same Award, as this may not beRead More →

So many times I have had people say to me “Why would I bother doing a reference check? Nobody ever gives a bad reference.” You will be surprised. If you ask the right questions, you can get information that will assist you in making a good recruitment decision. You will receive applications that are, unfortunately, not completely truthful and applicants that perform really well at interview don’t always live up to their claims once they are employed. There are standard questions that you can ask, like: dates of employment job title reporting level of job and responsibilities aspects of job performance, e.g. work quality, safetyRead More →

What is DiSC? The DiSC profile has been used for decades to help people better understand themselves and others. The four primary dimensions of behaviour are: Dominance: direct, strong-willed, decisive, results-oriented, forceful 

influence: sociable, talkative, enthusiastic

, outgoing, optimistic, lively Steadiness: accommodating, consistent, supportive

, even-tempered, patient, humble Conscientiousness: private, analytical, logical

, reserved, systematic, precise   Research indicates that most of us tend to lean toward one of two of the four dimensions. The DiSC profile helps you understand your habits and behavioural tendencies. It can help you learn to recognise and understand the behavioural styles and strengths of others, learn when to adapt your behaviour, andRead More →

If someone works for you and it is considered to be an employment relationship, then the worker should be paid. This is whether the worker wants to be paid or not. Even if someone asks you to work for free to gain experience, you should still pay them for the work they perform. The main issue with unpaid work arrangements (including work experience and/or internships) is whether an employment relationship exists and whether the person is required to be paid by the business. Vocational placement If someone does work experience as part of a vocational placement, they’re not entitled to be paid. It’s not consideredRead More →