DiSC Profiles

Experience the benefits of DiSC Profiling

Hillen Staff Solutions designs programs for businesses using the DiSC profiling system, which helps our clients with their management/leadership, team and individual development requirements.

These highly personalised and cost-effective profiles give participants insight into their own behaviour and that of others, encouraging more positive relationships and effective workplace cultures. DiSC is used by more than 40 million people worldwide.

The benefits of DiSC

Hillen Staff Solutions will utilise the DiSC profiling system to help you and your team:

  • Improve self-knowledge – including how you respond to conflict, what causes stress, what motivates and problem solving
  • Minimise team conflict and improve teamwork
  • Identify and respond to customers and develop better sales skills
  • Manage employees and team members more effectively.

About DiSC

ED Workplace guide copyThe DiSC behavioural model is based on research conducted by William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893-1947). Marston wanted to examine the behaviour of “normal” people in their environment or within a specific situation. He documented his findings in the book “Emotions of Normal People.”

DiSC personal profile is a tool used to identify behavioural style by measuring attributes or qualities of a person and aspects of his or her personality. DiSC is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of behaviour:

  • Dominance – direct, results-oriented, strong-willed and forceful
  • Influence – outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively
  • Steadiness – even-tempered, accommodating, patient and humble
  • Conscientiousness – analytical, reserved, precise and systematic.

Understanding how it works

The key to understanding the DiSC dimensions of behaviour is to understand the two needs that drive them. There are two basic needs that influence how people behave in relation to one another: the need for affiliation and the need for control.

The key to using DiSC personality testing effectively is to understand that whatever your DiSC personal profile is, it is just perfect for you. There are no good or bad profiles.

No matter what your profile is, there will be times when being yourself will work just fine for you, and there will be times when it doesn’t work. At times like this, when being yourself does not produce positive results for you, you need to be able to adapt your thinking and behaviour to be more effective.

Use DiSC in your workplace

Interested in benefitting from a DiSC program in your workplace? Talk to us about the benefits of this renowned system and how we can help you and your employees get the most out of it.