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Expert STAR Workplace Program facilitation

Hillen Staff Solutions is an experienced facilitator and manager of the STAR Workplace Program. The STAR Workplace Program is a staff satisfaction and measurement system that helps companies identify and understand key issues in their workplace and benchmark their business against other Australian organisations.

STAR Workplace is much more than a standard surveying tool and the results you can obtain are testament to its benefits. It’s a unique system that surveys both employers and employees, measuring linkages between strategy and employee performance and feeding back insightful and useful data to business owners and managers.

Why the STAR Workplace Program?

If you employ staff then you’re in the ‘people’ business. And one of the most effective management tools is measurement. That’s where STAR Workplace comes in. It helps business owners to measure engagement, set priorities and action plans and improve business performance.

According to Gallup, up to 21% of employees are disengaged across Australia costing businesses up to $42 billion per year in lost productivity. According to the research, if those businesses could better engage their employees, they could benefit from 27% higher profits, 50% higher customer loyalty, 50% higher sales and 38% above average productivity.

How does it work?

The STAR Workplace system works as follows. At Hillen Staff Solutions we’ll help you through the process.

  • Step 1 – First we get your feedback so we can see what you want from your business and the impact it is having on you
  • Step 2 – Second we get feedback from your people about the business. No blame or guilt; just facts and figures so you can see the impact your employee engagement and satisfaction levels have on your business
  • Step 3 – Third we have all the information to create a practical 12 month plan. A road map for you to follow, month-by-month, putting you back on track.

What do you receive?

When you use the STAR Workplace Program you will benefit from:

  • Efficient online based surveys with employees
  • A one on one interview with CEO or manager
  • Detailed STAR Workplace report
  • Tailored action setting meeting and other feedback
  • Ability to identify your business as a STAR Workplace.

Ready to get started? Talk to Hillen Staff Solutions about the STAR Workplace Program

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